hello there, im currently using a peavey valveking 112 which i bought like 4 years ago. Its good, but it was better when I was using it to play rock/metal etc. I now play music that requires a different tone, similar to bands like these:
real estate
king krule
beach fossils

the guitar I have is fine, i'm wondering what to do about my amp really. it still does ok but I think it might be time for a switch. If i was to buy a new amp id look at spending between £300-400, have no problem going used either. I'd also be open to performing some fairly simple mods / buying some pedals if any would help the tone of my current amp.

any help would be great guys cheers
honestly never heard of those bands. do you know what gear they use?
not a clue really, all fairly small artists. i was wondering if people were able to point out gear thatd help me be able to replicate their sounds but since they are small it is hard :/
So, any other famous band close to that sound?

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A used DSL401 might not be a bad choice (I only listened to the first band). I'd suggest a Peavey 6505+, but I'd think the DSL has a better clean channel.
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wait, WHAT? a 6505 for Beach Fossils?
excellent music taste by the way.

You need a Vox AC30 or Fender Hot Rod Deluxe or something of the like. the AC30 is probably your best option.

well...maybe not. do you need dirty tones? it really comes down to that.
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i cant see myself going back to heavy music really so any sort of dirty tones arent really needed, ive looked at ac30's, they seem to be really expensive.
and also i really dont think a 6505 is the right amp for me, not that it isnt a fantastic amp, i used to want one.
Looks like they're all using a different tube combo. Good luck. :P
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Looks like they are all using different fender tube combos, possibly and I could be wrong here, but a Blues Deluxe, Deluxe Reverb and maybe a Blues DeVille. Just a guess, at least from what can be seen. So basically you are looking at getting a fender tube combo of some variety.
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I think any used tube amp that excels at clean tones will do what you want.

I don't know any though. Clean is not my thing. :P
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Quote by bbtemp
bahh they seem quite expensive, even second hand D:

just be glad they're not all using dumbles now those are quite expensive
Bugera V22 would get you pretty close to a Fender clean and drive.
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whatever ebay has really, my budget is basically whatever i could sell my valveking for plus about an extra £200, £250 depending on how good the amp would be.
all these are used prices:
Fender blues deluxe - £450ish
Fender blues junior - £320ish
Vox AC30 - £350-550
Vox AC15 - £300

what would be the best there for the tones described in my original post? thanks for all the help so far btw guys
oh. well you said 300 to 400 originally. is there any way you could save about that much more? it would open your options greatly.

If you're not happy then yes it's time to switch, but you don't want to switch to something that isn't even on par with what your Valveking can do right now.