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Just saw this on Craig's List for a hundred bucks. Owner has no idea what it is except that it's from the 60's. There's nothing written on either side of the headstock.
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I would say it's a guitar.

No but really, reminds me a danelectro?
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Ask for more pictures, like of the headstock.

Edit: Somehow I didn`t see that last sentence.
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Here are a couple of more pics. I was just wondering if anyone had more info, as in, it's worth more than the $100 the guy wants for it!
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it looks like an old teisco style guitar. They are usually priced right around 100 some more some a tad less. There is a few on ebay that look similar only difference is the headstock. Heres a link to a website i found that has one almost exactly like that hope that helps.
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Thanks, I see the Teiscos on eBay now. Those are some wild looking guitar shapes! Tempted to get this just to mess around with it.
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It's not a Teisco. I used to collect them. But is is most likely late '60s Japanese, perhaps even built in the same factory as Teisco.... there were a ton of no-name Japanese guitars made in the '60s and early '70s. That one looks to be in pretty good shape, and it's cool in that it has lots of pickups and buttons. If it plays half way decent it should be worth the $100 the guy is asking, and maybe more.
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grab it, they are very fun guitars. I have had a few different Teisco (and that style) guitars. they have a tinny surf sound that is very cool. can't go wrong at that price.
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