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Recently purchased this recording software and I have been experiencing some issues.

I also purchased a Line 6 UX 1 Recording interface and those are the two tools that I am using to record with on my PC.

A major problem is that when I record a guitar track, and then later attempt to overdub a solo over it, its never on time. I tried using the metronome that came with the program, and it doesnt help. Its always a milisecond off beat which throws perfection right out the door. Its bothering me because I know its not my playing, I even tried laying down a rythym track, and then recording the same exact track over again while listening to it and it still sounded off beat by a little.

Has anyone ever experienced these sort of problems with this software? I doubt its my computer because its a brand new expensive desktop . lol..
Any help is appreciated,

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Most DAWs account for input latency automatically, but if it's consistently out by the same amount why not just shift the track back a millisecond (or however much it is) manually? Pretty easy fix
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I have the same program what you need to do is insert new audio block.

Then play your song you want to overdub. Click rec. button on new audio block and the master rec. then play your solo at what ever point you wanted to add it.

After that it will be just a matter of fine tuning.