Dear all

This is a raw, unpolished blues song, which I put together last night in reaction to the amazing amount of money that Messrs Obama and Romney are spending on their election campaigns. It's not musically great, I'd freely admit, but it is topical and might provide some light relief during a tense election.

I can't help feeling that tighter controls on party funding and campaign expenses are needed to open the door to new parties and independent candidates, who otherwise don't stand a chance, not only in the USA, but in the UK too. If all the voters on both sides of the pond sing along with me then the big parties will see sense and support laws forcing them to relinquish their power...or not.


Anyway, some feedback on this, my first attempt to play and sing simultaneously, would be welcome. I found it really hard and would appreciate tips to make it easier and better.

And just point me towards your post if you would like me to comment on yours.

All the best

That was a great listen. Not the best voice or playing, but I didn't expect any better or any worse. I got a great entertainment factor from this, which is what really matters. Good job! (Y)
like the other guy said, it was pretty entertaining. i actually think your voice fits the song well. your pitch wasn't bad either, when you sounded on you were on and when you were off it sounded more like it was done for effect than a mistake (and maybe you did do it for effect). your licks were pretty tasteful and i like the aggressive playing, really compliments everything.

i'm not sure how clean your slides are because i don't really listen to too much blues or use a slide, but once again, even if it wasn't clean the whole metallic tone it gives sounds more like it was done for effect than sloppy playing. as long as your playing/singing is in time, mistakes don't sound that bad anyways if your getting the right notes.