they're pretty well equal. they sound pretty similar (somewhat surprisingly) and they're both reasonably well made. nothing special though.

However, I would encourage you not to get either one. both of them have fairly cheap trem units on them, and they can be a real pain in the ass to set-up and tune. at that price, you'll get a better guitar if you pass on the locking trem.
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I Have the Ltd and for the price cant be happier with it!, been a year playing on it (some gigs too) and it hasn't let me down once, and No, the trem doesn't go out of tune (yes, even after a year of use, the normal period when is believed for Licensed FRs to "wear out", as the FR Special isn't a Licensed one, it hasn't ), the absolutely only change i've had done on it was the Locking nut and that's cause i trust more on the Original Floyd Rose ones, but the stock one isn't bad, haven't had any wiring issues or anything, IMO a Really Good Guitar for 300$...

Have played the like on that price range (Ibanez, Squier, Once an Epiphone) and i'd still get it (the Ltd) over those.

Anyway the Kramer shouldn't be bad either... still, Trust me, the FR Special (on the Ltd) is Very Good, but if you can try both of them do so, dont know about the Licensed trem on the Kramer, go try it, it may be good too!

Hope it helps
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And what about the pickups of each one? I've heard that the mh-100qm pickups are not very good ones...
Neither of the pickups will be very good, the trems will be approx. the same quality, and the wood won't be the best. Pick the one that's prettier, besides the shape there won't be much difference. They're both great for the money though.
Tough choice...Kramer FTW!
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Thanks all for the aswer! ^^ I will buy finally the esp mh-100qm. I like it more than the kramer. And i'm going to buy a esp ltd ec-100qm as a secondary guitar. What's your opinion about it?
Get the Kramer.
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