Hey everyone...Had a multi effects for a while but I really wanna get into individual stomp boxes...Anywho. I have my digitech jamman and I just got my Joyo Digital delay. So I dont usually hook up alot of pedals but this should be right. Cable from my guitar into my Instrument input on my Looper. Then a cable running from my output on my looper to the input on my delay. Then a cable running from the output on my delay to the input on my amp... Also...Even when my guitar is plugged into the input and then cable going from the output to the input on my amp i turn on the pedal and it just gets loud and buzzy and wont make noise. Its like my guitar only will go through the amp when the delay and looper are off...Help?
The looper should be last in your chain of stomps and played into the cleanest amp possible. That means you should get some pedals for distortion as well.
Okay so it should go Guitar-Delay input-Delay output-Looper instrument input-Output to amp input?
Also like I said I will plug just into my delay and then itll play through the amp but as soon as i hit the switch everything goes quiet and my signal wont go through the amp...Is my Delay broken? Is there a way to know?
It may be broken or the battery could be dead. Are you having the same problem with the looper?
With delay pedals battery life is very short so the battery in your joyo digital delay may be bad.
Yeah I'm that guy who says I'm right
but more than likely is wrong

It happens doesn't it?
Well I have the delay powered with a 9v power cord. And no the looper seems to be producing sound just fine. If I have a 9v battery in it and the 9v wall plug in will that affect anything?
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If I have a 9v battery in it and the 9v wall plug in will that affect anything?

no, when you insert the wall plug it physically disconnects the battery from the pedal's circuitry.
Well crap I dunno. Guess I got a lemon. Is there anything I can do if I open up the casing? Maybe one wire is loose or something? I just find it weird I get sound as long as it isnt switched on...
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I just find it weird I get sound as long as it isnt switched on...
That's an indication that it's true bypass.
I took the power source out and ran it just on a battery and it still happened. And yeah its true bypass...But its also truly not working. Im gonna send it back and just get another. Oh well. I guess it happens :/
I hate to revive this topic. But I got another pedal same pedal just one that supposedly isnt defective. I plug it into my amp clean just the guitar pedal and amp...I strum I hear sound. I switch it on and my amp makes this loud god awful buzzing noise. Really loud. Switch it off...Normal clean guitar. Switch on the delay pedal loud amp sounds like its having a baby. I switched out batteries and ive tried 2 different 9v adapters. What is goin on?
Also im running this into a Peavey 158 rage transtube amp. Nothing great...But it runs an RP500 and Looper just fine. Does my amp have anything to do with this? I dont know much about this...