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Very recently, I've been having some trouble with my Ibanez GRG250. I picked it up about a week ago and noticed that the high E string had snapped, and all of the other strings were tuned a lot higher than they should be, it was as if someone had wound all the tuning pegs up really tight without me knowing. When I tried to tune it, I noticed that the strings would not stay in tune for longer than a minute or two before mysteriously changing to a higher pitch, the strings go out of tune so quickly that I can't get the entire guitar in tune at once; by the time I've finished tuning every string, the first string I tuned will have gone out again. I've no idea whats wrong with it and was wondering if anyone has come across this before, I've heard from friends that it may something to do with loose machine heads, but I don't really have much technical knowledge, thanks for any help.
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This guitar has a Floyd style trem on it, right? You need to set it up, those thing go out of whack easily when you change strings.
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You're tuning an FR guitar with the machine heads? Are you not using the locking nut?

Also, the Huge Guy above me is quite correct, you should set the whole thing up again. Ideally, have it set up by a luthier or guitar tech.
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either the strings havent been stretched or it hasnt been set up.
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If you've still got a string missing where it had snapped, then all the other strings are going to have higher tension, as there's less tension on the springs in the back pulling the bridge down, making them higher tuned. That's what happens when you break a string on a floating system. Put a new set of strings on it, would be easiest to use the same gauge of strings, and stretch them, and tune it up. When you tune one up, the others do go out, all floating bridges do that. Just keep going and then lock them all in at the nut.