help! i am trying to remember the name of a bass guitar i fell inlove with at a local music shop, but i cant find the name of the guitar
a little info about it;
it had the body of an ibanez gsr200 but it was slightly smaller
it was increadibly light compaired to other base guitar
had a rosewood fret board
a finish of black varnish so the wood grain could still be seen
only a standard silver toggle for volume and pitch
only had a split bass pickup pair
cost about £300
but the problem is, it wasnt a big brand guitar like B.C.Rich or fender it was one of those smaller coppy brands i cant remember the name of the brand nor the make of the guitar
but i realy want to know, i dont play mutch bass as of yet but i have tried many bass guitar, and this one was just right in everyway for me

Please help if you can!
Are you still able to get to the store? Or do you have a number for them? You could always ask the staff if they know.

Also, do you remember what the headstock looked like? And was the neck varnished?
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the head stock was the same as a gsr200, it was practically the same guitar except a little smaller body, the neck was the same as the bodies, wit ha rosewood fret board and absolution dot inlays
it wasnt a big brand like ibanez, the store sold it to a travaler but cant remember the guitars name, it was a coppy brand like epiphone use to be
thank you for your help guys, but i managed to get a hold of the buyer and kicked myself after
it was a Dean 5 Trans black bass, i thought it was a 4 string (i only had 7-8 mins playing it) but now i know i can start saving up fr my first real bass guitar, one that i have already fallen in love with