I posted a similar question about a year ago since I want to compose for them in the future and got some really good responses. I thirst for even more, so what are your favorite video game songs or OSTs?
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Mass Effect3
Bastion (2012)
Spec Ops: The line
Assassin's Creed 2 and Revelations
Kingdom Hearts 1 + 2
Just about all the FF games
Front Mission 3
All the C&C games
Prince of Persia SoT and WW
Armored Core from no. 2 onwards

I love game OSTs
ProTone Pedals: Attack Overdrive
Fractal Audio: AxeFX 2
Engl: Fireball 60
Zilla: Fatboy 2x12
Carvin: DC700
Carvin: Vader 7
Schecter: KM-7 MKii
Schecter: Banshee 8 Passive
Jackson: DK2M
Love the Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack, mainly Aerith's Theme, the Boss theme and The One Winged Angel. They also remade most of the songs using real instruments for the film FF7: Advent Chldren. I also love the soundtracks to the Kingdom Hearts games.
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To the Moon
Guilty Gear Series
Ace Combat Series

There's many more but I can't think of anything else at the moment.
I love video game music. You can't even really call it video game music anymore, it's just music.