Now I'm a total n00b when it comes to this genre since I listen to mainly stuff like classic rock, blues, jazz funk soul etc. But I came across this Avenged Sevenfold song 'Nightmare' and I really like it.

Can anyone direct me to more bands like this? The harmonized guitars really get my attention. Now when I said I'm a n00b at this genre, like I really am. I don't know sh*t about ANY bands like this.


The harmonized guitars that A7X has are very hard to find elsewhere. A couple bands that sort of have that feel are Trivium and Bullet For My Valentine. They are a bit heavier than A7X, but they're really good if you're into that type of genre
Here are some other good bands in a similar genre:
Stone Sour
Tremonti/Alter Bridge

A7X has a really unique sound that I have been unable to find elsewhere. IMO they seem to have sparked the next era in rock music. So many mainstream hard rock bands these days are influenced by A7X, but none of them are as good as them (imo)
Avenged Sevenfold really do got a unique sound you can't really find anywhere else, they span quite a few genres. It is kind of hard to find some bands like them but here it goes: Metallica, Iron Miaden, Bullet for my valentine, (some) Disturbed, Black Veil Brides (I hate them...but yeah) & more but yeah, enjoy your stay as Casa Le Avenged