Been a very long time since I last posted on here - since I have stuff to share, I may as well do my part to keep this place alive.

This is a very short thing I wrote at the start of the year - the intention was to write a journey of sorts that took no longer than 1.5 mins.

I really don't have anything else to say - hopefully it is an enjoyable small distraction.

Any vague thoughts or comments would be appreciated (even if you simply listened and some feeling about it), and I will return the favour.
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That was z very enjoyable listen. Music was nice and you already made a pretty big sound in midi, would sound awesome if played on real instruments. Only thing that turned me of a bit was the jingle bells at the end. Suddenly that sound only made it turn into a christmass song which did not add to the feeling.

Awesome track.
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I actually thought it was a great song. It has a bit of a mysterious undertone to it, which I really enjoy.
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Holy crap, it's been a while!

Loving the atmosphere in the intro. Bars 7-8 has that cool little thing on the clarinet, I like it. aw, stuff starts cutting out at bar 12 Mostly the distortion guitar.

The ending is probably the most "mysterious" part for me. The intro has that one "off" chord (second chord, first bar), and that adds a little bit of uncertainty to the otherwise uncertain chord progression. Bar 12 is relatively upbeat, with a little more uncertainty in bars 14-15.

I don't know. All I know is that I wish there was more. The music is very good at painting a picture, and I feel like I want to know more about this little setting you've created. I think my favorite bars are 14-15.

Overall verdict: Make more music plz.
I too wish there was more.

The baritone sax in the intro is probably my favourite part in the intro. Shit that thing adds a whole lot of atmosphere and brings a whole new side to the other instruments.

The arrangement itself is very nice and if I'm honest there's not much more to say about it except there needs to be more.