I am on kind of a limited budget and need a mic that will work well for a bass drum. Something with a low frequency response but not too pricey. How would the Sm 57 work for micing a bass drum? If not what would you recommend for $150 or under?
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it'll work, Red Hot Chilli Pepper's Blood Sugar Sex Magic album was supposedly done with a 57 on the kick

and if all fails with EQ and compression, replacing the kick with a triggered sample isn't such blasphemy it's made out to be
You could get an Audix D6 secondhand for $200 if you're will to go that extra bit. Otherwise, I'd just chuck the 57 on and trigger it.
Shure Beta 52 is in that range and will work well.AKG D112 is too, but I'm not a huge fan of that one.

The AKG D40 is another I might consider, as it has many purposes. If you click "Guitar Store" at the top of the page on UG (the link is blue), they're currently on sale for $60. You could almost get 3 in your budget and you've got two great tom mics, plus a kick mic.
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