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I am on kind of a limited budget and need a mic that will work well for a bass drum. Something with a low frequency response but not too pricey. How would the Sm 57 work for micing a bass drum? If not what would you recommend for $150 or under?
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it'll work, Red Hot Chilli Pepper's Blood Sugar Sex Magic album was supposedly done with a 57 on the kick

and if all fails with EQ and compression, replacing the kick with a triggered sample isn't such blasphemy it's made out to be
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You could get an Audix D6 secondhand for $200 if you're will to go that extra bit. Otherwise, I'd just chuck the 57 on and trigger it.
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Shure Beta 52 is in that range and will work well.AKG D112 is too, but I'm not a huge fan of that one.

The AKG D40 is another I might consider, as it has many purposes. If you click "Guitar Store" at the top of the page on UG (the link is blue), they're currently on sale for $60. You could almost get 3 in your budget and you've got two great tom mics, plus a kick mic.
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