This is why i'm jelly of murica. Guitars are so cheap there.
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Omae wa mou

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I itching to pull the trigger for the $529 Les Paul,
Its a great deal and I am sure MF will give me another 10% if I buy it from them..........JT
70's tributes were one of the cheaper series of Gibson's that came around similar to the faded finishes and crap, I don't think they were that huge of a hit due to the mini-humbuckers, wasn't my flavor but at that price I sure as hell could get used to it!
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If I weren't a poor college student who played bass more than guitar anyway, I would gladly get that firebird.

mmmmm mini-humbuckersss.
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absolutely what will said

Yay, my first compliment!
Not blowing out CS Gibsons
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