so, i my band (kinda) had a bass player but he didnt have enough time due to school
so he quit
but without bass everything sounds thin and lifeless
on recordings there is still bass tough
but live it sounds really bad
so i was thinking of using recorded bass to ad to our live show
but i dont really know if or how this would work
does anyone have other ideas or experience?


You could try some outside-the-box types of things. Maybe playing your guitar through two amps, one of which having an octaver in front of it. Or you could use some sort of loop pedal with pre-recorded bass on it. Or just use an ipod with the bass tracks on it, but that could make things difficult at a gig. I'd just keep looking for bassist.
You definitely need something to fill in the lower registers, whether it's bass or keys or anything else you can think of. If you aren't able to find anyone, perhaps think about using an octave harmoniser on your songs. The white stripes do this. I think it only works well for single note lines however so if you're playing chords then you might have to think of other options.

You could also use a loop pedal to lay down basslines beforehand but that might take some restructuring of your songs if you are doing it all on the fly.

Lastly there are backing tracks, but this takes a lot of thought as you need a way of playing in time with the track and also being able to monitor it properly. This is especially important for the drummer as he will not be able to stay in time with the bass track very well unless you give him an in ear monitor with a click track in time with the bass. It is complicated but doable however you need to spend some time thinking about the way you're going to implement it.
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I've seen really good bands with sorry bassists. Why....? 'Cause there just ain't no replacing a real, live, flesh and blood bassist. All the pre-recorded tracks are fine until your singer misses his cue and starts a bar later, or the guitarist stretches his solo or any one of a 1000 other things that happen when playing live.

I was in one band and we tried the same thing with pre-recorded drums. Didn't work out.
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Is he the only bassist in your town/city? You could always find another bassist. Unless you have perfect timing you and your band might have trouble following the recorded bass. As most people will tell you recording and playing a song live are two different things.
what I would do is write the bass to your songs in your records, export the bass licks to mp3, export them to your ipod, hook up your ipod into your mixer and play your setlest just with the tracks. People do this all the time in the hip hop genre.