I looked in the finishing thread, but I didn't see anything and I need an answer quick!

I went too heavy with the nitro on my current build and I've developed some pinholes and fisheye. Can i solve this by sanding back a bit to open up the bubbles and spraying more lacquer? I'm already planning to sand it as it is since I have a run, but I'm just trying to find out how far I need to sand.
If this is the clear coat, you're going to have to sand it all the way back to be level.
Are you saying that I have to sand the pinholes completely out?
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Are you saying that I have to sand the pinholes completely out?

You can try filling them by doing a very heavy coat, however the odds of runs are very high.

More then likely, you'll just have to sand back until you have a level surface again.

What are you using to spray the nitro? You might have moisture mixing with the lacquer or contamination from an oil or something on the surface you're spraying.
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It's Gemini Nitrocellulose lacquer. I think what I'm going to do is level the runs and then drop fill whatever pinholes are left. Then I will spray a few more coats and hope for the best. Thanks guys, wish me luck!
If it is normal nitro then all subsequent clear coats burn into the previous coat, so there is no point level sanding until you have done all the coats you need to do.

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Curious...as I've had (even the smallest of) dust motes cause fish-eyes in nitro on furniture.