Monotony and Release
If the apple ever fell far away from the tree
The poet would write from the things that he sees
Inspire him further with the cold on your breath
His eyes may have watered but they still haven't wept

If the apple ever fell far away from the tree
I'd simply believe my eyes are playing tricks on me
Deflated by all of the cold in your voice
My breath on your neck, your hair in my eyes

I can already tell what your thinking
I'm setting sail aboard a ship that's halfway on it's way to sinking
But I'll kick for as long as the sea remains calm
Releasing me further from monotony

Slowly feeling like I'm more exposed
Step on a mine and my body explodes
Happy in my head but scared to shut the door
I'll leave it on the latch and pray it doesn't close

It all turns out staying sane is a chore
Rough round the edges and bruised at the core
The colours are pretty and shine through the skin
If the lessers could dream then most would just sing

My mind is a jungle of the same f u cking tree
all the same bright red apples that seem to believe
when they fall they're released and have been set free
But the grounds just a cold, hard place called monotony