Hey boys and girls,

So I recently replaced my drummer with a new one and we are starting to write some groove rock stuff.
We used to be called "Inhale The Fire" (some of you may have heard our stuff from this forum or from our Thursday's Rock UG article) but we changed our name to "The Grove" and are starting fresh.

This is a rough little jam we put together in 2 rehearsals, I'd like some feedback if you would be so kind to provide some!

Guaranteed C4C

Here's the link: http://youtu.be/GYGLL6PFDNc

This is ridiculously tight for a jam rehearsal. Looking at the gear and the title I was expecting some br00tz shiz, but this is a pretty sweet surprise. Soul-sy and some nice groovy funk to boot. :P as westley23j said. nothing's really there to crit. It's bauss Good luck to u guys !

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So tight, so tight. It really was groovy. Do you listen to Whitest Boy Alive? I think you should check out some of their songs, its like groovey but dance /indie at the same time. Listen to "courage" or "gravity"...would love to hear some full songs like that from you guys....

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Thanks guys!

@ Westley: Listening to justified, sounding good..I like the thick guitar tone, although I think they could be a little louder as the drums hides them abit. I like this next groove part, nice bass part. Keeping holes in the music is always a good thing, good structure. Would sound sick with vocals! Nice job
You guys are all on the same page. I like this! You've got a wonderful groove, and just the right change-ups. I'd definitely enjoy seeing a show if I lived near ya.

Two Thumbs up!
DAYUUUM! Really stellar playing by all of you, sounds like a professional jam session at a concert. Love the clean guitar tone, very smooth and watery. The solo is pretty sweet! Seriously, if you guys haven't tried playing at any clubs yet you should get on that, this stuff would be great live.

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Music must be honest to be timeless.
This is sweet, you guys are super tight and the song is great too, it's like you're not overthinking things, you're just letting the music flow. You keep an awesome groove going for the whole thing but you change it up often enough to keep it interesting. I really like what you're doing, and I dunno why but it kinda reminds me of Radiohead.

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Very nice!
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As the posters earlier said, very tight for an improvised jam. Sounds more like a pre meditated instrumental than just an on the spur jam pretty well done, some great playing going on there. Only criticism is that there's a lack of stylistic changes, but thats a pretty small niggling thing rather than something that really needs work- the overall result is great fun to listen to


Extremely cool guys! Nice guitar, it has a summer feel to it, reminds me of guthrie govan! I could have hoped for more solo/leads, but this is gold anyway! C4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=30649227#post30649227