Well if you do, and you are reading this post, your are in the right damn place! Check out Revolution Arcade here at this link! (Or not) But it is highly suggested! Listening to them might make you win the lottery?! (Or not) http://revolutionarcade.bandcamp.com/ If you like atomic power pop rock... Then congratulations.
Hey everyone! Revolution Arcade has an upcoming show on December 8th at The Room in BrookField CT. If you are around and about in that area or just plain bored come check us out! There will be other great bands playing that day, tickets are $10 buckaroos at the door. Check out our FB pages here: https://www.facebook.com/events/434262199968956/ And this one: https://www.facebook.com/revolutionarcade Also check out The Room: http://www.theroomct.com/
Quick Update For Revolution Arcades upcoming show on December 8th, the show will no longer be at The Room in Brookfield, it is NOW at the Elks Club in Enfield, Connecticut. So we still have a show on the 8th of December and are ready to create A Pop Punkalypse! Check out some of our live videos H3R3! ---> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usSt3wByEz4&feature=plcp and! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEkKuSdsZ0Q&feature=plcp Plus more!
Revolution Arcades show at The Elks Club in Enfield was nothing short of Awesanity! Stay connected with us on facebook to see some photos from the event and video footage! We are close to finishing our first album and for all of you lasers and gentle guns out there who enjoyed our first ep then you should really like our album which is entitled... Ah crap computer is about to die, well if you want to know more about our album and its title stay connected with us on facebo
Hey ya'll, did you hear? Ya that's right, HEAR? Revolution Arcade? Show at The Elks Club in Enfield Connecticut, 06082? On January 26th? You haven't? Well then i guess you have now, be there or be squared!
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Your sound reminds me a lot of the Buzzcocks! Am I right in saying they are an influence?

There a indefinably an influence for me as a guitarist along with many other great bands! Ironically, I am the only member of my band that listens to them!
Is anyone else excited for Revolution Arcade show coming up this Satruday the 26th? You are?!?!?!?! GREAT! We have some exciting new music to throw at your guys and gals faces that will make your eardrums develop a safe fetish for our music!!! Come check us out at the Enfield Elks club of Moody road in Enfield, CT. Tickets are $10 buzzozoles at the door. Or if you can not make the show you can always check us out online on facebook and listen to our first-self titled ep on band camp.com And who knows... maybe there is a cooking pot out there that is brewing a fresh batch of Rev- Arcadeian ep #2?