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1968 Elfa GB60 Guitar/Bass Amp. 60 watts of old school solid state, ETONE speakers, Made in Australia. This thing is absolutely BITCHIN for bass and have been running it with a JOYO Crunch Distortion (Chinese true bypass MI Audio Crunchbox clone) and it sounds real dirty and nice. Good Sabbath/Sleep/Om tones aplenty.

With guitar it sounds like a cross between a princeton and a old jazz chorus. But this baby is for my bass only because of the bitchin marshall that sits above it.

And because i never showed you them before here is my JCM2000 DSL100 head and a Framus 2x12 with Vintage 30's.
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Wow, some of those things are still alive? Iirc those were made by Jade for the Electric Factory.
I was actually in the shop to buy one of their guitar amps when a friend of a friend walked in with a Yamaha G100-212 he intended to trade in on a PA. I bought his instead. That was my first amp. So it was just luck that an Elfa wasn't my first amp.
Methinks that you are being a wee bit generous describing as a cross between a princeton and a JC though. Maybe if they were sitting at the bottom of a lake but ........ nah.
Still, good to see some of them alive still. I've known more than a few guys that owned a Jade/Elfa bass amp as their first bass amp. They've seen many a beginner through their first gig.

So .. HNAD.
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Word Cathbard. you wouldnt believe how hard it is to find a 2x12 bass amp or cab, with no horn for under AU$600
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I thought it was going to be another abbey HNAD TS, looks like a cool bit of old kit
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HNGD!!! Good stuff!!!

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