just recorded a couple rough tracks tonight with my acoustic. i know my playing isn't the best, and my chords get a bit buzzy because i'm using higher gauge strings and these songs have my hands moving all over the place. i've also been strapped for time and i recorded both of them (albeit with a kind of shitty mic) in one take. i'm just mainly needing to know if the music itself is okay.

also, the songs have no vocals. i want to add them later because i have lyrics but i'm just concerned about getting the ideas down right now. i've been experimenting with fingerpicking, harmonics and percussive elements for the past year and i want the songs to stand alone somewhat by themselves too.

any feedback is appreciated. i promise i'll give crits, it may take a few days since i'm busy with school and work but i'll do my best to get them done ASAP.

link: http://carcrashmathematics.bandcamp.com/
Interesting stuff. You're right it's very percussive and the harmonics are prevalent. I listened to both. The first one I felt like didn't have much movement, it was static in a way that it got old...obviously, this may change with your vocals on there.

I def enjoyed the second one better, it had a dark, but melodic tone. I really liked it actually, especially some of the riffs near the end of the song. I can't wait to hear it with vocals!!

C4C? I made an acoustic song too, though it's quite different, and much simpler.

i kind of know what you mean by that on the first one. it kind of revolves around alot of the same bass notes so there's not a whole lot of tension/resolution going on besides in some of the dynamics and accents (which i was focusing on the most, i used some odd techniques to get things sounding the way i wanted to). the rhythm is pretty constant throughout too, i was thinking about varying it a bit. the syncopation near the end switches it up and i was thinking about making a theme out of it but i'll see where it goes.
Dear Dregen
Stabbed was atmospheric and engaging. It got stuck a little too long for me in one repeating chord sequence towards the end, which made my attention waver a bit.
Semblance of... was extremely well done with some nice choices of chords and surprises in the progression. There's a section starting around 2:45 where you switch to a new pattern, which I think is strummed with a plectrum. Might be nice to play around with some fingerpicking patterns. Overall, I preferred this track. Sophisticated.
Both are excellent as they stand, but I think it would be really interesting to put some vocals on top. However, it is going to really tough to find the right words and the right tone for the voice to fit with the complex backing.
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