I am getting myself some recording gear.

The current plan is to buy a Focusrite Saffire 6 and then a Mic.

But I have come across this bundle for the same price:


This bundle includes:

Presonus Audiobox
Studio One Artist software
PreSonus M7 Microphone
HD7 Headphones

All for £168

On paper this deal looks great. But why is it so cheap? I always think 'you get what you pay for'. At least one thing in this pack must be poor to make up for the price?

The Saffire 6 is £149 and comes with Ableton Live Lite software. Plus if bought from Gak or Andertons they throw in some decent headphones as a free gift.

So all I would be gaining from the PreSonus pack for an extra £20 is a mic.

But £20 for a mic will be a great deal if its a decent mic.

So is the PreSonus package a great deal or cheap rubbish?

Note: I am not a beginner to home recording. But until now I have had a cheap interface that cost about £30 or less.
No, not in my opinion.

The Audioboxes are one of the worst interfaces in its price range. They've been plagued with driver issues, preamp issues and I've seen numerous posts here on recording guitar direct into it and it clipping even when the pres are turned all the way down.

As for the microphone, its pretty basic. I'd record with an MXL 990 before I used the mic bundled with that (which is saying a lot coming from me)

I'd take the Saffire 6 any day over the Audiobox
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It depends on what you need. If you're absolutely stuck to that budget and need a mic, then you don't really have much choice. If my friend who is quite likely to start recording soon were to ask (he's started experimenting with his amps USB port so it's just a matter of time) this, and give me a similar budget I'd say the presonus. Simply because he has squat other recording gear except for a cheapass Sonken (I think that's what it was) dynamic mic. Whereas if I was on that budget, I have a set of decent headphones and am not desperate for a mic as I could borrow one from a friend if I needed it. So I'd get the saffire/scarlett 2i4 (I actually haven't seen a saffire around here for a few weeks now)
Buy the Focusrite and a SM57. The SM57 works great to record guitar and it actually works pretty well to record vocals with it, if you get a pop filter.
- Interface is okay but far from the best in this price range.
- Mic is probably a rebranded generic Chinese condenser, perfectly acceptable but nothing special
- Ditto the headphones. Fine for tracking, but you wouldn't want to mix on them.
- Software is worse than useless, frankly, since there's no VST support. Total joke.

Have you thought about a used interface?

Also, I wouldn't advise the SM57 as an all-purpose mic, it's only really useful for electric guitar.