Hes a big idol of mine. Im a huge fan. Aside from that, i would still say hes a great singer. (For those who dont know, hes the lead singer of Shinedown)

Is he good enough to be one of the best of all time?

Best in the industry?

One of the best in the industry?

Sub par?

Not saying hes any of those. Just curious as to what you guys think.

studio work is great...live is inconsistent...when hes on he's ON though
And now i cant get back again....
Is he better than your average joe?
Yes, certainly.

Is he groundbreaking?
No, certainly not. Half the time (while singing live) he doens't use his falsetto voice and just drops down into the octave or two octaves below for the notes. This is disappointing because he doesn't express anywhere near the emotion on the lower notes that he does on his high notes. He's playing it safe, which, overall might lead to low risk, but it isn't impressive.

Is it bad that he's your idol?
If you like his songs and if you agree with what they stand for then no.