So i have been hunting for the best deal for the guitar i want and i found a good deal for 2 schecters now i cant decide. I looked at the reviews section on UG and it gives the S1-Elite a 9.5 and the Damien Avenger a 9.2 not floyd rose. Anyone have any advice im kinda torn. I can find videos on youtube with the avenger and thats the sound i want but it seems like the S1 has a softer sound. Im lookin for a good metal/punk rock/ hard rock guitar for stuff like A7X, Inhale/Exhale, Bullet for my valentine ect.
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The S1-Elite is a set neck but the Avenger has active EMGs so it really depends on how those get along with your amps.

BTW, you can snag a 7-string Avenger or Revenger (same body shape if that's what interests you) for $200 or less. I snagged my Revenger 7 with SD PUs for $70 from CL. All you need is patience.
Well without looking I think the s1 elites only come 22 fret and the Avenger is 24. I really wanted to get an s-1 elite because of the awesome feeling set neck but the 22 fret issue was the deal killer for me. And you can get a mint s1 elite w ohsc for 350ish
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