What pickup position do you guys prefer?

It seems to me that most people use the treble/bridge pickup, which I can understand when using it for chunky metal sounds and maybe a lead that really has to cut through, but am I the only one that prefers the neck pickup in most case scenarios?

I find myself preferring the bell like neck pickup over the trebly harsh sounding bridge pickup almost every time. Whether it's a Les Paul with humbuckers or a Strat with three SC's or a Tele with two SC's, I just hardly ever choose the bridge pickup. Am I just weird? It's just that the neck pickup seems much more musical to me in most cases. Don't get me wrong though, I do use the bridge from time to time, especially when playing with a band and I need to cut through better and I can't stop playing to adjust the amp.

Maybe it also has to do with the fact that I always have my guitar set on the neck pup when I'm adjusting the amps eq and all that. It's bound to sound better with the neck when I've mixed everything according to that pup right?

What do you guys think? Do you use the bridge pup a lot?(I'm assuming you metal players do of course)

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I use them both equally. I generally stick with the norm to use neck pickup for rhyme and bridge for lead.

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It depends on the music type if I use the bridge or neck. I'd say 90% of what I play is on the bridge pickup though.
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I find I use every pickup combination on my Ibanez.
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I prefer to use the bridge pickup because of the mid range of it. I love mid heavy tones that are also bassy, so thickening a tone to where it is very powerful but has a sweet mid range is my favorite thing to do. And thats y i prefer the bridge. I prefer neck pickup cleans though.
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It depends on the music type if I use the bridge or neck. I'd say 90% of what I play is on the bridge pickup though.


Though, when I'm playing cleans, I tend to use my neck pickup as it sounds really warm and smooth. For that same smoothness with distortion on, I go for the neck pickup. Also, I find that the sustain is sweeter with it.
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Honestly I use all 5 pickup settings pretty equally. I've got EMG DG-20's which comes with two tone knobs,(one mids, one bass/treble). I don't adjust the eq on my amp anymore, I get all my tonal variety from pickup selection and the tone knobs settings
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My guitar has 18 pickup combinations... lol. I use my bridge 90% of the time, and frequently use a blend of both some times. I use the neck fro cleans though
I use the neck for cleans and solos (particularly in the higher frets)

The Bridge is my rhythm and harmonics go to pickup

I use both when i play none conventional parts where both are needed.

I actually like have a middle one for cleans and not-so-if-your-face-rhythm tone
I find that the ratio I use for Bridge to neck is 2:1, and I rarely use middle pickups. I have a guitar with 3 humbuckers, coil splits for all of them, and Neck pickup on switch (I think I totaled that out to be some 35 pickup options) and I only ever use the full bridge or neck. The only exception was when I had a Strat for 2 weeks and couldn't take the 60 cycle hum, so it was always position 2 or 4 on the switch.
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Depends on what I'm playing

- Acoustic
- Mellow lead parts

- Rock and metal - anything with distortion apart from mellow parts.


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I am inspired mostly by Petrucci by doing all my heavy rhythm on my bridge humbucker, then about 50/50 on my distorted leads on my neck and bridge humbuckers (even though JP's leads are mostly on the neck pickup.) Any blues or cleans are mostly done on coil-split neck pickup or middle position w/ both pickups coil split.
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90% of the time i use the bridge pickup.
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I'm all over the place, and to a certain extent, which pickups I'm using when I play depends not only on what music I'm playing, but what guitar is in my hands.
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Bridge for distorted chords, neck for smooth leads. I mostly use the bridge for solos though. I have no need for smooth leads

For cleans I mostly like the neck pickup.
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Bridge for distorted rhythm and leads, neck+bridge for soft leads, neck for cleans.
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I use everything. I generally like a fat, thick lead tone, so the neck pickup definitely gets use there. however, it's really down to whatever the song calls for.

also, I find I use the bridge pickup more when playing with a bigger band (2 guitar band instead of 1) because it helps me cut through the mix a little better.
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In a band with other guitar players, I use the bridge for rhythm and the neck for lead. When I'm the only guitar playing, I use the middle position on my SG and my LP, both pickups together.

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My neck pickup is an Ibanez "V7" stock pickup, and my bridge is an EMG 81... what do you think I use more?
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