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hey guys xD long time since i posted in one of these

i was just wondering, and i do this alot to help me, if for example there was a song with G, Bb and F#, can you put a capo on 3 and play the chords as E, G and D? does that work properly because i dont think its much different to barring chords

replies all welcome

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It will give you the right chords, but it would help your ability a lot more to just get used to barre chords. They're quite common. Plus, if you have to go lower than where you put the capo, you're screwed.
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Don't use a capo as a crutch to not learning or playing barre chords. They certainly have their place, such as when you want to have something other than the E as a droning bass note. As Junior mentioned, if you need a lower note than you have your capo set to, you're hosed. Been there and done that.
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thanks guys, it'd take me a while but i'd get there (: practise makes perfect!

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I think it's better to laern to not use a capo just my opinon on it