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A few weeks ago me and my band entered a studio and recorded an ep!
after the week in the studio we had a guy helped us mix the tracks abit
im actually pretty happy of the result.!

Could you guys listen and tell what you guys think=)
we would appreciate it very much !

Here a Link to one song (The rest will come up soon)

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Sounds good dude! Are you one of the guitarists?
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Why is this everywhere I go? Quit spamming the forums broski.
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Go to the Promote Your Band forum. It's there for a reason.
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cool sound dude. I can actually stand the vocals haha. They do not make my ears bleed like most other melodic death metal bands. And it actually has melody good job
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Pretty awesome. I really like the guitar work, not so much the vocals tbh. Album would definitely be worth buying
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