If you wanted change
It'll make you
If you think your deranged
It'll break you

Beg the doctor, please
to keep him on it
Its only disease,
if you don't want it
And the Devil screams
because he wants it

So whats your flavor
Suicidal neighbor?

First time post. Long time songwriting spectator. Tell me what you think.
Although it is short, the way those lyrics communicate with the reader is...very fluid. It's also inspiring for singing, I was just listening to a song while reading this and I sang your lyrics instead, it was pretty good.

Well, please share with us any other thing you got
Thank you for the comment yoyo. I'm glad it communicates because I worry when someone cant find meaning out of my songs. lol I know I'm not the best writer, and a lot of times it comes out vague. I do plan to continue it until it does become a whole song, but i had writers block and didn't want to dilute it with something that was going to cause it to loose meaning or complicate it. lol I will share more works in the future. Also isn't there a limit on how many threads you can have per day or week for the songwriting forum? just wondering
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Hey, i red was and found it really good. Short, but cool. To answer your question, i don't think there is a Limit for posting.