I want to get my first bass guitar soon and I'm not sure what I should get. My budget's about $250-$300. Some of my favorite bands are Black Flag, Weezer, Off!, Evergreen Terrace, The Wonder Years, Fugazi, Sunny Day Real Estate and The Ramones. I've been looking at old American made Peavey basses and some new Danelectros because I like using equipment that you don't see other people using often, but since I'm a guitar player who has only played bass on my friends' and family members' basses I don't really know what would give me the sound I want.

Edit: If it matters, I consider "Only In Dreams" by Weezer to be the most beautiful song I've ever heard and my biggest priority in terms of sound is to get close to the tone of the bassline in that song since I'm hoping to play bass in an emo/indie rock band with a lot of influence from Weezer's early sound pretty soon.
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Hm. Accoording to Wiki, Scott Shriner uses 60's and 62 Fender PBasses and Lakland basses.

MIA Peavey basses have a good reputation in these forums I believe. And I suppose Fender basses are out since Fender basses are mainstream.