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Greetings all,

While playing on my guitar, I noticed some rattling coming from where one of the screws holding the pick guard in position was kinda loose. So, I picked up a screw driver and tightened it and the rattling went away, however, I noticed that the intonation and action of my low E string went out of whack. I then loosened the screw, and it alleviated that issue.

Is it normal that how far you tighten the pick guard screws can affect your guitar's intonation and even its action?

Thanks for any insights!
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I'm pretty sure it wouldn't, perhaps you knocked it at some point? Unless your pickguard was somehow blocking the trem maybe... I dunno, I've never heard of this happening before.
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What kind of guitar? If its a very light hollow body with a very heavy pickguard (like cast iron), perhaps the pickguard is changing the shape of the guitar. I don't think I've ever seen a pickguard stronger than a guitar neck.