I read this book called the alchemist and there's a part where the main character (who is on an epic journey) seriously considers giving up his quest because he meets a girl. This girl lives in an oasis in the middle of the desert and he visits her each day at the well, to speak to her. Anyway she convinces him to continue on his journey to the pyramids and that she would wait for him, if he were ever to return. She is a woman of the desert, and will look across the sands, each day looking out, in hopes of a glimpse of return...the desert, and the oasis, are never the same again.

The Alchemist


Where there's a will, theres a way
just take your chances
If this is what you want, then who am I
to stop it?
You're yet to strike gold, you're growing old,
the middle of adventure, is it the perfect place to start?

I should have shared my intentions
with you.
I, should have told you how I felt...
all along, maybe.
Things would be different, If I?

tried, to make things right
between us. If I...
told you things, that you were looking for
were here, the whole time
the whole time
the things that you were looking for, were here
the whole time, the whole time.

The things that you were looking for.


This is beautiful man, Paulo Coelho is one of my favorite writers ever.
"I wanted water but I'll walk through the fire"
Thanks that means a lot. This is actually my first time posting lyrics here!