Hey all, just completed (hopefully) my first ebay transaction as a seller and it was pretty frustrating. I would like to share what happened and see if others have had similar issues, because I'm trying to sell another guitar (it's already listed) right now and I'd like to avoid another situation like this. Here's what happened:

I finally decided to sell my beloved Parker NiteFly M because it was becoming too hard-edged of a sound for me and I wasn't playing it enough anymore. I put together an ad, painstakingly detailing and picturing all the issues with the guitar (all cosmetic - it's completely mint otherwise). After having it on craigslist (my usual preference for buying or selling used gear) for a little while and not getting any serious interest, I decided to put in on ebay (my father, who is much wiser than me, advised me against this, but I didn't listen!) so more people could see it (and I would have protection from a third party when it was shipped). After a few weeks, someone asked me a question about it in broken English, and I answered. The next day that person bought the guitar. I shipped it the next day and they just received it yesterday (it was being shipped to NJ, so Hurricane Sandy delayed it). Upon getting the instrument, they emailed me saying that "there are scratches all over the guitar". These were all shown and written about in the ad. He said he was okay with that, but claimed the piezo bridge wasn't working (which it was) and wanted me to refund him money to buy a new unit or take the guitar back (it was listed no returns). I told him that I would do that if he sent me a video proving that the piezo was broken. His next email said that now he realized the piezo was working, but the cosmetic issues were now bothering him and he wanted to send it back. I explained to him that the guitar was as advertised and that he couldn't just send it back because he tried it and didn't like it. It seems that I "won" for now, but I guess he can file a claim about me. Even if he does, I know that I'll be vindicated because I accurately showed the guitar in the ad. I just wish I didn't have to deal with this whole mess.

If you don't want to read that whole thing, basically what happened was someone bought my guitar on ebay, decided they didn't like the condition it was in when it came (which was accurately portrayed in the ad), and wanted to return it even though it was stated in the ad that there were no returns.

So, what are your experiences with ebay (concerning guitars)? I'd like to hear some other stories so I can determine if my experience was typical or unusual, and if I'd sell again on ebay (unlikely at this point).
I have only sold one guitar on eBay. The buyer was very happy with it.

But I've heard your story quite a few times. For that reason, I try to avoid selling on eBay when I can. And If I sell again, I will definitely make sure that I've listed every possibly detail about the guitar so I don't get screwed over by someone with buyer's remorse.
I've sold a couple. One, on arrival, the packaging was torn. Thankfully the guitar was ok. I did ship UPS insured, so if there had been any further issues I'd have made a claim with UPS.

As for your buyer I'd tell him too bad, you described the condition fully. He can't claim you lied to him. The buyer sounds like a bozo trying to get a free guitar!
What a POS!
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That guy just sounds like a dirtbag. I've bought guitars online, and as long as the seller is honest about problems with the guitar, who could complain? Some people think "not perfect" is a license to be a jerk. He was probably angling for any free stuff he could scam off you.
My only sale on the bay was not unlike yours. I sold an ibanez art for $250.00 with free shipping in the 50 and no returns. I was asked if I could send it to Alaska for free and after checking the costs I decided it was fine and the profit margin was good because the guitar was free to me. It was in very good shape, like new almost with little buckle rash and slight pick scratching. When he recieved the guitar he immediately wanted to send it back, claiming it wasn't working. It was in perfect order when I shipped it and I didn't believe him. He sent a complaint to ebay, but since I sold it 'as-is' they shut that down rather quickly. I even debated his seller review and had it removed! People just don't read enough sometimes.
I had a similar problem but I was selling a bass like 3 years ago. They to opened a claim Sayin it was not as descripted. eBay contacted me and they dropped the claim. Claims are a pain!!! They want pictures and anything you have to prove your point. You may win the claim but you will prob get a bad review from the buyer. No biggy

Oh also ebay 99% of the time will side with the buyer. Keep those emails that say that he was ok with the scratches
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The trouble with eBay now is that they favor the Buyer, rather than the seller. It didn't used to be this way, but it is now. I've been buying and selling on eBay since 1998 and I have 1500+ all positive feedback, so I've been at it pretty seriously for a while. I have not been selling for the past couple of years, mainly because shipping prices have risen enough to turn a lot of people off on smaller, but heavy, items.

I have only sold one guitar on eBay and, thankfully, that sale went very well. The pisser was that it went to Canada and the buyer insisted on using FedEx, where my ad specified UPS. In the end I caved because he was willing to pay the extra cost, but it was a fiasco dealing with FedEx - sorry, we don't have boxes that fit guitars, no we don't pack items ourselves if they can break... WTF?

But I digress... I have bought several guitars on eBay and in all instances I was pleased with the guitars and had no complaints. Maybe I just got lucky, but I really check a seller's feedback before I place any bids. It's a classic case now of Buyer Beware, but eBay really does have your back if you're the buyer. Sellers can't even leave negative feedback for losers anymore.
Now that I think of it I had another bad selling experience on ebay, I sold a guitar and never got paid. The buyer finally contacted me saying he'd been hospitalized and had tons of bills. I think he was actually telling the truth though as he said it was ok to relist the guitar and I didin't have any trouble getting my final value credit from ebay. Relisted and actually sold it for more...this is the same guitar I mentioned above where UPS ripped the box.
i've had issues both as buyer and seller. i sold a beautiful flawless Ovation red tear drop 2078Ax to a kid in NYC. after recieving it he wanted to return it as it wasnt USA made. it was listed as korean, model # showed it was asian made and he had me on his watch list for 9 days but never asked. kid never even tuned it up to try it's wonderful tone( i had 2 of same guitars). he filed a claim and both Ebay and I laughed at him.
on the other hand, i bought a Les Paul a few months ago that was listed as perfect only to recieve it and find that the bridge was lifting. it actually had a piece of plastic wedged under the nut so that it would be tunable. it was completely unplayable after the 5th fret. i contacted the seller without opening a case and he refunded me immediately(as well as springing for the return shipping). he was a great seller.
i've bought a few online without incident. not a bad way to get a deal, just have to check out the seller first. not sure i'd ever buy a high end one online...too much at stake.
Thanks for all the input you guys!

Finally got an email back from this dude. He whined a little (he thinks the piezo somehow isn't working "all the way" which is impossible as far as I know) but said he was going to keep it! That's a relief (especially 'cause I'm about to spend his money on a new guitar!).

It seems like a lot of you guys have had experiences similar to mine. However, it seems like the truth always won out in the end and no one really ever got ****ed over, which is really good to hear. I think I'll keep my other guitar on there.
Well, cheers on that. It's always a good idea to make sure you don't delete any correspondence.

The only problem I had as a seller was when I was selling a guitar, and the winning bidder tried to pull some money order scam. I ended up losing $75 on the deal using second-chance deals, but at least the chump got banned.
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