Hey guys, so I'm rewiring my Jackson Kelly. I got some great Dragonfire 81C/85A Active Humbuckers, but the only problem is....my guitar only has 1 control pot cavity and a 3/w switch. So my idea was to wire them to a push pull pot, one for volume and the other for tone and the 3 way switch serving its usual function of just switching between the pickups. I'm kinda a n00b at wiring...so if anyone could give me some input (or beter yet a wiring diagram), that'd be great! Cheers!

To use this diagram though, instead of the pickup input, it will be from the selector switch.

You could also try using a concentric pot if you have any issues with that.

Here's a concentric pot, I'd probably recommend this over the push/pull so that way you can fiddle with both instead of one at a time.
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I see that most of them have 2 separate shafts, but the one in the link looks like it only has 1.
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