I have had a Bass guitar for ages, yet haven't really played it. How do I get into it

Sorry for the absent question mark, I hit the character limit. I have had this bass guitar for about a year, and I really haven't touched it, what can I do to motivate myself to play it? Also, what songs should I start with?
If it's to loud, your to old!
simple funk is always a good choice. feels gooood.
alternatively, find some artists you like, look up some of their bass lines and learn those. also, check the faq at the top regarding songs you should learn.
Regardless of some purists who think you should go start learning theory from the get go, I think you should find a song you like that has a simple-ish bass part and go learn it. I've seen plenty of potentially good musicians give up because they were just sick of nothing but theory.
Without having a clue what your musical tastes are I always like to recommend Kryptonite - 3 Doors Down as a first song. It's got about 5 notes and is just 4 beat notes and 8ths (or semibreves and quavers if you're more musically inclined) but is still a relatively enjoyable song to play. I still use it to learn new playing techniques (like when I learned to use a pick, and to use 3 fingers instead of two).
Join a band as a bassist, that's what I did.

If you can play the guitar, you can play the bass though they have different roles in a band and guitar parts might not sound very good on bass. My friend is a great guitarist but awful bassist. His bass playing sounds terrible and he plays the wrong things. You must think like a bassist when you play the bass.
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Just remember that there are no boring scales, just boring players.


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My guitar history goes about 4 years ago. At first I didn't know anything about guitar music technically, I listened to it but didn't really know what it is to physically plan an instrument, I only digged the sound. At first I wanted to play bass, and I have no idea why, but ended up getting a guitar regardless and for a solid 2 years I played it and enjoyed it a lot, I went to classical guitar lessons with theory and all that stuff, then got an electric guitar, which I learned by myself. But with time I wanted to play bass again and I got myself one a couple of months ago and joined 2 bands that play different music and I love it to bits. The thing I like it is that it's way more rhythm driven, your job is to make a groove that goes with the drums and make the basis of the song, which is a thing that not many people like, since most want to solo and do the melody thing. So sort that out, if it really is a problem for you. Once you are all motivated and stuff, start listening to music, in which the bass plays an important role, like funk, as a previous post suggested, or pretty much anything with good basslines and start learning. If you are not in a band it can be very boring to play alone by yourself, so my advice is to learn to improvise bass lines as soon as possible. Go learn some scales and arpeggios, get a beat and start groovin', it really is amazing once you get the hang of it. It is a very musical exercise, since you develop not only speed and agility on the neck and sorta figure out what works and what doesn't. It is also a way to keep it fresh and prevent the whole instrument from becoming boring to you. If you get reasonably good at improvising by yourself it will be easier to jam with a full band.

You are responsible for your advancement as a bassist, so it's all up to you if you progress or not, there really is no easy way. As a last thing, make sure you have reasonably good gear, since if it sounds horrible you will get even more demotivated.

Join a band. That's why I became a bassist in the first place; a friend needed a bassist, and I could play a bit of guitar. I then discovered I really liked the bass so much more than the guitar, so I stuck with it.
find inspiration. find a bass player you really like and watch them, their technique. now, of course, as a musician you want to have your own sound, but beginning with an inspiration is a way to start off. Like me for example, my boyfriend played bass and i had really like les claypool's style so i decided i HAD to get a bass lol but after that, try to learn some really easy songs that people know. i started out learning stuff like smells like teen spirit, dazed and confused, play that funky music. after learning easy songs, try a little harder. then a little harder than that. after awhile, your practice really improves your movement and technique on the bass. whatever you do, just play and dont give up.
Find some songs/bands with great basslines and great bass players. Songs that you really like will help inspire you to figure out how to play them.
Sometimes a bass will be uncomfortable to play because of the way it's set up. When that happens playing is a chore. You might have it looked at to makes sure that it is correctly set up, then follow the suggestions above of finding some simple bass lines to play. Country western and bluegrass have some really simple lines. As you learn the notes on the neck, you can follow a simple guitar chord chart with just the root notes.
Check different genres funk is good also some tropical or latin is good me I stick to metal. Here a few good linesi love intro on Peace sells' Don't stop believin, Another one bites the dust, Billie jean, Schism,Orion, Roundabout, if u want to solo check ut some of Flea's songs or Paco.
Just flick around YouTube until you find something that inspires you, then find videos that will teach you what you need to know to get there.
Alternatively find yourself a good teacher.
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Do you know how to play bass or any other instrument? Or just coming back to the instrument?

If the first, get a teacher or a friend to teach you proper technique and posture. This is vital for good and healthy playing.
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Sorry for the absent question mark, I hit the character limit. I have had this bass guitar for about a year, and I really haven't touched it, what can I do to motivate myself to play it? Also, what songs should I start with?

No disrespect, but if you have to ask...
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