Im re-recording some of my bands songs with my HD500 and I was just wondering is anyone has any recommended settings for the hd500 for either of these genres.
Im currently using the solo 100 model overdriven, with an overdrive pedal. pretty much. I usually dial the drive back on the hd500 and track guitar 2-4 times depending on the part im tracking. That way the gain builds up and sound full when I pan the parts.
I've been messing with my setting for hours to get a tone i like and im just looking for a short cut ;D
Also, if anyone has any general post-recording advice, thatd help!
All I currently do is add tape saturation to my drums (Addictive drums vst plugin).
No settings threads. Also, ask stuff like this in the Chat Thread instead of creating a new thread for things that are obvious/very likely to have been asked before, if you aren't willing to use the search bar.
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