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Madison Divinity II

Recently bought a used Madison divinity II with the foot switch, the original foot switch cable stopped working. Basically the left jack which controls channel switching, right controls tube boost/edge1 or 2. I tried using 2 17" patch cables and both worked fine, when I tried two different length cables only the one with the shorter length works, so I need two of the same length or is there something wrong with the foot switch?
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Maybe they need to be stereo cables?
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i think these amps have had issues in this regard...i'd contact them
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Originally Posted by 311ZOSOVHJH
i think these amps have had issues in this regard...i'd contact them

+1 i have heard of several different issues. that being one of the more common.
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Madison Amps are no longer in business.
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Originally Posted by ragingkitty
Madison Amps are no longer in business.


I know a few people with Madison amps (a Divinity I and 2 Divinity II's) and they all have had issues with them, except the bass amps. There is a reason why they went out of business and I'd bet QC and tone are the 2 biggest factors.

I know more people with Bugeras that work than Madisons that work and thats pretty bad
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