I'm starting up a mini home studio for now just to learn the basics and record my own projects/friend's bands. After some time next year I'll go ahead and invest in more and expand it after I learn what I'm doing.
Now keep in mind I have no idea what I'm doing and I've had some advice from friends who run studios about what I should get but that's all I've got so far.
I want to make shit sound as pro as possible.

So far software wise I'm planning on starting off with.

Reaper(I'll upgrade to Pro Tools when my tax return comes next year).

Superior Drummer with Metal Foundry OR Ezdrummer w/ Drumkit From Hell I'd like to hear what everyone says about both.


Any other suggestions?

Also, what kind of vocal mic would some of you suggest?

Any input would help, I'm such a noob it's not even funny.
I'm no fan of reaper, and Pro Tools is a nice choice there.

I'd pick Superior Drummer over EZdrummer, but the Metal Foundry doesn't add much to the main program, which can be edited to sound metal anyway. Drumkit From Hell isn't the ebst sample pack, Metal Machine sounds much nicer.

Podfarm is good if you use a Pod interface as well, otherwise it doesn't work (licensing and all that). Its okay for metal tones, but I'd go for Peavy Revalver or TH2 Overloud. They lag a bit, but the tones are much more realistic and generally nicer.

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I just checked out the Revalver it sounds real good.
Any other suggestions?
And am I missing anything super important?
SM58 is an industry standard vocal mic. Definitely get a dynamic mic, condensers/capacitors aren't suited for the death vocal style.
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