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I've been having trouble recently. I can play this awesome rythme but when I try to find the tempo for it I end up going through abunch of different metronom settings untill I get it right. That's not the main problem though after I get it right I have trouble staying in time lol

Here's my basic question about metronoms:

Do you have to stay directly on the beat? I seem to always be a little be backward or forward sometimes, but it still suonds good like it's all working out, but would it of been better to be directly on it?

Just curious, this is the one thing that always bothering me when I'm trying to record, I end up just trying to adjust my playing to tempos sometimes as well cause it seems so hard to find the right one..

Any advice for this? lol
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Playing around the beat is a very natural and human thing. Playing on top of the beat usually lends itself to a more urgent or tense vibe while playing behind the beat tends to sound more relaxed a groovy. That said, those vibes aren't usually a conscious thing. If you're grooving, don't sit there and try to play behind the beat. Just groove, and as a result you'll likely end up a bit behind the beat.

Playing to a metronome is a skill that needs to be practiced. The easiest thing to start doing is tapping your foot in a constant time while you're jamming and go from there.
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Quote by Odirunn
The easiest thing to start doing is tapping your foot in a constant time while you're jamming and go from there.

That's not the best habit to get into. It actually ends up putting most people out of time.

You should most definitely play with a metronome, most people's natural timing isn't anywhere near as good as they think it is. But you don't have to be dead on the beat, there is a few milliseconds either side which is sometimes referred to as 'the pocket' where it's still in time but it's a little ahead or behind the beat. You still need to use a metronome when practicing to play in the pocket though or you'll just speed up/slow down.
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I typically practice to a drumbeat instead of a metronome. Hell, even if its just a 4 on the floor kick, it feels better to play to than a metronome.
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