Hi all. I know that I don't post here often, but I need a hand. My dad just gave me his old Electro Harmonix Hot Tubes overdrive pedal. It looks like this:


Only problem is, it doesn't work. The guitar runs clean through it perfectly, but hitting the footswitch does nothing, no overdrive, and tweaking the control knobs has no effect, whether I go from the effect out or the direct out. In short, I am thinking that the footswitch might just be faulty. Would it make sense that the footswitch is faulty, if the clean guitar signal runs through the pedal perfectly fine, yet hitting the footswitch to turn on the effect does nothing? Sorry, but I'm new to working on pedals, I did take an electrical wiring class in high school, but that was a WHILE ago.

Also, I have a spare footswitch from a Marshall PEDL-90010 2-button foot switch, and I am wondering if this would work as a replacement for the Hot Tubes switch? Sorry if I'm not explaining the problem correctly, but I am really a noob to fixing / modding pedals, so any help would be appreciated. Finally, here are some pictures of the Marshall Footswitch, the button from the Marshall Footswitch, the Hot Tubes pedal, the footswitch from the Hot Tubes, and the circuit board of the Hot Tubes:






Thanks in advance everyone! Please be kind to me and my stupidity.
Do you have access to a digital voltmeter? If so, check the switch for continuity. Switches can and do wear out. This will save you the hassle of replacing it, only to find out it's not the switch.

How was that for kindness? No stupidity on your part. I'd rather have you ask the question before you do something stupid, then have you come in here wondering how to fix the original problem and your mistake. Good job.
I do not have access to a voltmeter, but I have an old continuity tester which just buzzes the circuit is complete and it buzzes when i touch one end to one terminal of the switch and ther other end to either of the other two. Odd.
Holy crap! I just plugged the pedal in and it freaking works! I didn't do anything and it just works! It sounds GREAT btw. I think I found the problem though. The tone / true bypass switch is EXTREMELY touchy, and if its not right or left all the way, I get no sound at all out of it. But this is great, I tried everything with this thing before I opened it up, and now I literally opened it up, basically jiggled some wires around, and it works like a charm (well, almost). I'll keep you posted if it stops working again though.
LOL. Congrats on the fix. Sounds like you have an intermittent switch. It will eventually need to be replaced. Enjoy!