Like the title says, I need advice on which amp is best suited for me. I can get them for roughly the same price. I play rock mostly but I also need a good clean tone. Bands like Zeppelin, pink floyd, as well as some indie stuff. It's mostly for band practices and gigs-although it will probably get miked up if we gig.

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Try and go for a super cheap used valveking, like 200 bucks or so. And then mod the shit out of it.
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Loved the clean on the Valueking head. You can some really nice tone with the "texture" option they have. Wasnt a fan of the distortion. Took it back and paid a crap ton more for a Mesa Roadster, but I couldn't be happier. You might be able to get a pedal for better distortion though. Might be a good cheap option for ya. Don't know about the Bugera.
I wouldn't really recommend either of those for the genres you play. I would personally be looking for a used DSL401 combo. A Bugera v55 or a Peavey classic 30 would also be worth a look.
out of the two options, 333XL. Higher quality, IMO
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