I live in a tiny place and recently downgraded to a Blackstar HT1 for bedroom playing and recording. I am pretty satisfied with it and like the lead tone when the overdrive channel is pushed hard. I'd like to get a delay effect mostly for lead/solos that gives "that tone". I.e. a fairly small delay effect to space out the sound. I'm sure you know what I mean.

The problem is of course that the HT1 does not have an FX loop. What are my options? If it is impossible to get a good tone putting it in front of the amp, how does it sound to process the signal after/during recording (miced up or through emulated speaker) through a delay box?

budget: maybe $100-$150ish, will look solely for used products. Otherwise thomann.de is the usual place to buy new things
guitars: don't think it really matters, but I play a tele with SD 5/2s and an edwards LP with stock SD pickups
OD pedals: the only OD pedal I have is a t-rex fuzz, but I would like to use the amp for my main tone
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I run all of my effects straight into the front of the amp - So can you!

1.) Figure out if you're looking for an analog delay, or digital delay.
Analog = Wamer/darker, sometimes breakup in the delay, or decay.
Digital = Pristine, clean, creates exact copies of your tone.
Some Digital delays emulate the way analog delays sound. These work well.

2.) What kind of features do you want?
Lots of delays have "Tap Tempo," which allows you to dial in the rate of the delays hands free.

My personal choice is simplicity. I have a DD-7, and there are just way too many features. I wish I had purchased something more basic.

3.) There are plenty of decent, simple, delays in your price range. Go youtube some clips, and choose the one that sounds best to you!
Are you sure? When I google the issue a lot of people say that overdriven amps don't take delay pedals well in the front, so there has to be some caveats.
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you can run it in front without doing anything any harm, but you might not like the sound as much. most people prefer delay after (high gain) distortion.
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Delay in front of distortion is a fuzzy muddy mess imo.
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I can dial in a good solo tone with my CC in front of the amp

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