Alright, title might be misleading but I had no idea what else to say for it. Anyway..

I am moving into an apartment sometime soon and I dunno how my half stack would fair with the neighbors, although i don't usually crank it up that loud to begin with unless i'm jamming with people. Plus i'm moving in with friends so i'd not be able to play while they're sleeping.

So anyway I was thinking about picking up some recording software/hardware for such occasions when it would be impossible to play using my amp. And it would be fun to record things when I fiddle around with ideas. I've listened to recordings from youtube cover artists and such and I thought about getting a few things.

From this video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCpkduc_pRw i've come to think that Pod Farm and a UX1/2 wouldn't be such a horrible idea, but I play more heavier stuff and kinda wonder how it would fair against drop A, would it be hard to mix and find something that works?

I've also checked out the Pod HD 500, but considering the whole moving out thing, I wont be able to even come close to affording it, haha.

But i'd be grateful for any other ideas. Budget is probably 300 max, preferably 200.
Yes I understand that is a horribly small budget and I wont get anything top-of-the-line, but hopefully i'll get something atleast useable.
And my closest city is Kansas City.
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