This song was written while I was off at work on a towboat along the Mississippi River. I've had the privilege to see a lot of beautiful scenery along the river that I had never seen before. Whilst I loved experiencing such beauty along that river, I had always wished that my wife could be there with me as well.

That being said, this is my first crack at songwriting. I have always been strictly a guitar guy, so any help or criticism concerning my lyrics would be greatly appreciated.


I see your face in the sunset
I feel your warmth within the sand
I miss the way your hair slips along your skin

I hear your heart in the ocean
I hear your whisper in the wind
Oh darlin', its calling out my name

And it says "Oh, my love... Won't you please come home
and stay right here with me?"
The question burns
The pages turn

Then I say... I say...

"Come and share this moment forever with me.
Take my hand and together we'll be free.
Come share this moment forever."

I taste your kiss on a flower
Your painted lips within the breeze
Oh baby darlin', I feel you next to me

I see your eyes in the constellations
The moonlight on your skin
The dancing stars make my wild heart skip a beat

And it says "Oh, my dear... Won't you meet me here
and lay down next to me?"
The question burns
The pages turn

And she says... She says...

"Won't you share this moment forever with me?
Take my hand and forever we'll be free.
Let's share this moment forever."

She said "Oh, my love... It's lonely here at home.
I can't take much more of this."
And I said "Baby, soon I will be there too
and I'll greet you with a kiss."

The gas is burning
The wheels are turning
It's been too long
My lonesome heart is yearning..

..for a warm embrace.
We'll share a moment forever soon.

As I said before, all criticism is welcomed and greatly appreciated. I am not a strong lyricist by any means, so some input would help me tremendously. Thanks a lot, guys!
Thanks for sharing,good article.I like it,I’m looking forward to read other articles.wow, that sounds cool!