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im having trouble finding one thats good, my amp has these knobs: Frequency, Low, lo-mid, hi-mid, and high, my amp is a Acoustic B100 100W 1x15 Bass Combo, also its an amp that doesn't have numbers like 1-10, also whats Hz? i know it has to do with frequency, but idk anything else. also when boosting mids, do i boost lo mids and hi mids or only one of them? oh and also im playing thrash metal, and we don't scoop the guitars mids.
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You boost both the low and high mids.
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That really will depend on your preferences, and how it fits in with the band's sound overall. Hertz (Hz) is the unit for measuring frequency.
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If your guitars aren't using a scooped sound in metal I'd be inclined to get a bit of a mid scoop going on with the bass. I'd probably leave the high-mids flat, cut some of the low-mids, and boost a bit of a treble, or something to that effect. It's really down to preference and the sound you want to get. Always remember never to be too extreme with your EQ settings, cutting some mids, for example, doesn't mean turning the mid knob all the way counter-clockwise, it just means rolling it back a little bit.
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If you have a graphic EQ, starting from left to right, turn one band all the way up, the next all the way down and go through alternating with that.
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I am doing a low and high mid boost at 6 db, everything else is flat.

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