As I'm sure this exact same question and scenario has been brought up tons of times on this forum, I am now in college and need a decent small practice amp. What would be a few practice amps people would suggest that you would get the most out of for your money? I would like it to be around 100$ at most if that is possible. Thanks for your time!
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Quote by CaptainAmerican
I would recommend the marshal MG100

Very versatile and quality sound. It should treat you well
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I was in your situation.

I decided on the Peavey Vypyr 15W. Got it off Ebay for about £80.

I was considering the Vox VT because its tubes... But just preferred the vypyr because I thought it had more effect depth and was much cheaper....
Used Peavey Vypyr 30s go for $100 all the time now. I highly, highly recommend one over anything else you can get for that price.

Stay away from the Vypyr 15. Better off to go with a Cube or a VT in that case.
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