I'm planning on taking my Peavey Bandit 112 (80 watts) and turning it into a head. I understand what I would need to do. Take out the box, make a head for it, etc, but what are the benefits of doing something like this? Other than the weight loss, I've heard that you get more power out of it. I'm not sure if it's true. Would it really be able to power a moderately sized cab and get more volume out of it?
If you plug it into a cab with more speakers, especially if they are more efficient than the speaker it came with it will be louder.

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I'm interested in how it turns out for you!

I have the same amp, and damn is it heavy, I'm hoping to add some more handles to the top. I've heard that you can get about 100+W out of the amp if you use a cab with a lower resistance, or something. But you'll definitely get a louder output through a cab, that's for sure.
One benefit is in the reliability area - combo amps shake the living heck out of all of the electrical components. Over time, they break. I build my own tube amps as a hobby/side-job and I never build combos because of this.

Also, if you want to keep the volume down but the tone up, you can build an isolation box to put the speaker cab in but then have the head outside the isolation box so you can still access the controls.

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What he said. It is best to not shake up electronics, any electronics.

Also, a stand-alone speaker cab will probably always sound better than a combo cab which must have "compromise" built into it since it's gotta house the amp as well. That's why I made my two Fenders into heads. The sound quality was so much improved. I can also get by with less speakers as I can use a single cab for multiple amps.

If you want more "power," check out some efficient speakers. Peavey's stock-issue Bandit 112 speakers, Blue Marvels according to their website, are about the least efficient you can get, 96 db. I have some JBLs rated at 102 and 104 db and your volume increase with something like them would be huge. I have a 1x12 98 db-rated Eminence that I sometimes use when I want lower-volume cranked; the 1x12 JBL sounds huge in comparison, like double. I think Eminence makes one that's up at 105 db, too, but I have no idea what it sounds like. Compared to yours at 96 db, anything as efficient as mine, or the Eminence I mentioned, would boost your volume extremely extremely, like night and day. Lastly, if you have a good bottom and decide to upgrade amps in the future, all you'll need is a head.

PS I wonder what a Blue Marvel would sound like with my gear? It seems like it would be an affordable, inefficient speaker for when I want some dimed-sounding-more-reasonable-at-home-in-the-living-room volume.
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