My name's Mike and I've been playing for eight years. I've been in serious bands, and have the skill for serious bands. If you're not dedicated to tour, or release albums then I'm not for you. I have professional gear, will buy whatever I need, and pay for travel expenses to tour and play shows. I live in Utah currently, but locating is not a problem. I'm looking for a band who has toured before, or has tour plans. Better yet a band that's signed and established. I use an axefx, through a block letter 5150, into a mesa rectifier cab. I use Schecter guitars at the moment but am switching over to Ibanez guitars or musicman very soon. I'm also investing in my own in ear system. I'd prefer to play rhythm, and possibly clean vocals. Or even just rhythm or lead. I dont really care. As long as I'm touring and playing. I'll have more details if you contact me that I'm not going to post. So shoot me a message or an email at mikemichael317@gmail.com