I'm just curious what I'd be paying for with the Jackson RR3 and want to know what parts make it good and other opinions that make it bad. I mean it obviously depends on personal preference, but some people could share the same genres and similar techniques as me. But overall, I am just curious about why it would or would not be worth the money.
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What price are you getting the RR3? Do you like the Jackson necks?
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What do you mean 'share the same genres and similar techniques as me'?

Either you like the guitar or you don't. For the money, they're good value and they're well constructed instruments, but that means nothing if you don't find it comfortable and nice to play.
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Pros: You might like it if you try it.

Cons: You might dislike it if you try it.

But seriously, make sure you're comfortable with playing it sitting down before you buy it. I can't for the life of me sit comfortably with it.
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Have one hanging on the wall, and I can honestly tell, it's a reliable workhorse.
Licensed Floyd trem which stays in tune forever (haven't tuned in two months), Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB in the bridge and SH2n Jazz in the neck... Great sound!
Haven't had any problems with it really, only one time the output jack broke down but that's a minor thingy.
Great wood, great construction. Unless you're a real shredder, cause it only has 22 frets and it's not really comfortable to go higher than 18.

Really balanced when standing, no neck-diving. As far as sitting with it, just put the lower wing between your thighs and it should be fine.
First of all, I got myself an RR3 5 years ago ,and since then, the price went up about 200 euro's here in Europe, but the specs are the same, which means paying extra for the same guitar.
Another con is sitting while playing isn't that comfortable. I manage it by putting one of the fins between your leg, but it still is a strange way to play.
There are other cons about the shape. Because one fin is so long, you whille be hitting stuff with it. The paint on mine is chipped from hitting walls, doors,...
The shape also means a standard bag won't fit your guitar.

That aside, it is a great guitar, thin neck for shredding, but the pickups allow so much more than metal only. I myself play mostly 60's, 70's rock and it's great for that also.
Really comfortable to play, certainly when standing up. Good balance due to the placing of the straps and the shape allows for easy upper-fret access.

But as with all guitars, try it first and get your own opinion.
I've had an RR3 for about 7 years and I find it very comfortable to play sitting, I've always played in the classical position so putting the lower fin between my legs works well for me.

The trem is good to a point, but only to a point. In good condition it does hold tune well but you won't get any flutter out of it. Also after a while the knife edges will dull out and it won't hold tune so great. I replaced mine with a floyd rose original, and man that made a serious difference in both flutter and sustain. It's a much better trem than the JT580LP fitted as stock. That said though, the original trem on my RR3 did serve well over the years and it was only relatively recently that it became worn to a point where holding tune was an issue.

Overall though the RR3 is a great guitar, I love mine so much that when it was pretty much clapped out I spent £500 on fixing it up and putting it through a serious upgrade with the afore mentioned OFR along with EMG 81 & 85 pups, Gotoh tuners and a new neck since I had worn the crap out of the frets on the old one.

tl;dr - I've had an RR3 for ~7 years and still love it to bits. Great guitar.
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