Can anyone tab this out for me? Sounds wicked and I'd love to know what tuning they're using.

I thought about trying to tab it out myself.. but without knowing what key and tuning they're in it would be pretty hard. I'm terrible at learning by ear, but I am getting better... I just don't invest enough time into learning by ear.

If you guys think I should try to tab this one out myself as a project then that could be cool too! I'd just need some help figuring out what tuning to use on my guitar. Seems lower than Drop D if you ask me.. .. not sure though.

By the way here's the link to their vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2x6skRnlOvQ
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Definitely sounds like Drop A#/Bb to me. I'd happily tab it out for you myself, but I don't have a baritone guitar and I'm not good enough to play the solo.

Love these guys, btw. I've been a fan of them ever since hearing their cover of Roxette's The Look.
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Damn guess I can't play it then either. I have a Schecter with some heavier strings on it... but I think the lowest I've been able to take it is Drop C without starting to hear rattle that annoys me too much.

I do see that he's only using a 6 string guitar for this though... so that gives me some hope that maybe it doesn't need a 7 string to do... Jus gotta see if I can tune to his level.
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What's the heaviest strings you have tried using? I play in that tuning all day long on my Schecter and have no problems. If it's rattling against the fretboard you could always raise the bridge some to make up for it. I'm about to attempt the tab... I don't even see any Candlelight Red songs at all listed. About to change that hopefully.
It's in B flat / A sharp. I'm submitting a tab today for this song (minus the solo of course, but I do have the breakdown and rhythm on there). Email me if you want a copy or just wait for it to be approved.

sonicbluezx3 @yahoo .com