Hey everyone,

Just finished up a couple of tracks for my new band Autocosmus. It's difficult categorizing the genre, but the closest I can say is: Instrumental/ Progressive.

First time doing the whole production/ mastering thing, so needless to say it's been a long and tedious process. I am pretty satisfied with the current mix of these songs and would love to hear some feedback.


If you dig it, feel free to "like" us.

C4C for anyone that wants it.

Thanks and shred on!
In some ways this reminds me of Rush (a compliment). The drummer can play, though I think he could be "less busy" during some parts of the song. Cymbals are a bit loud at times. I know recording real drums ain't easy, but the audio quality is pretty good on the drums otherwise. Playing is tight. Guitar playing is good. Sorry, I'm not sure which song I heard, it wasn't "Mothersphere". Please review my music at this link:

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