Has anyone ever done this? Which method did you use? Did it work alright? Things you'd do differently next time?

Basically I've decided that I hate my Floyd but don't want to sell my guitar due to some emotional attachment (don't ask)

Blocking it seems my best option.

Cheers in advance.
The quick and easy way is to measure out a pieces of wood to put behind the floyd ( inside the cavity on the other side of the screws).

The more permanent way is to seal off the edges around the floyd and fill the entire cavity with auto bondo (pint is $7 at Walmart). Make sure not to put too much in at first or it will leak out a leave a mess. Or what I did was started with quick dry wall putty to seal the edges and the it the filled it with bondo. Bondo was dry in 10 minutes.
get a really thick solid block of wood maybe some hard maple (NOT PINE or MDF) and cut it to the exact width to block the floyd or get the Tremol-no's from allparts.com
No offense, to Air1jsj.
I would probably not go the bondo route. As bondo has absolutely no tonal benefits and would not enhance but in fact would stifle your resonance/sustain.
Oh yeah, defiantly go with the wood block first. I simply offered the bondo method as a more permanent solution. I can say the bondo did not affect the tone or sustain at all, if anything it help both just a tad bit but not much. I can assure you though, the floyd doesn't more at all anymore which is what i was going for. With the wood block I used first, it would still move (higher) but worked great.
I used the lid of a cigar box and taped it around the block. If you cut out a piece of wood on a jigsaw or something, that will fit/fill the entire cavity perfectly, you (supposedly) get crazy sustain.
What's everyone's beef with floyds?
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